Welcome Pau Gasol!

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They said he had a sore back... Phil thought he was ready to go. Indeed Pau Gasol started for the 30-16 Lakers and not for long, we would be 31-16 going 3-1 on our current road trip.

So Kobe had an off night going 3-13 scoring only 6 points... Big Deal! On a night where Kobe could not hit the target incurring 7 turnovers, it did not matter. The support crew were more than sufficient to suck the life (whatever is left of it) from the New Jersey Nets on their homefloor. 4 players scored in double figures while Kobe figured he was Steve Nash in his 8 assists. Vlade could not miss a thing with his 16pts in 6-10 shooting and Fish was resembling nothing like a 33-yr old veteran with his team high 28pts, 4rebs, 4asts on 9-18 shooting.

The highlight of the night is the performance of Pau Gasol. 24pts, 12rebs, 3asts, 2 TOs and going 10-15 from the field on your debut? Excellente! I must also credit Mr. Odom for bringing it, silently contributing 14pts, 15rebs and 5asts.


So West, BABVA. Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid.

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sickkk game by pau, under all the pressure he performed great

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the spanish fly was soaring tonite! hopefully we'll se more of that.

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heck yeah, im sooo pumped up right now. im actually shocked gasol did this well in his debut. i thought since he didnt know the offense well that he would struggle.

i cant wait till 2/20/08 (lakers vs. suns) cause im going to that game and get to see the new team up close and personal (almost courtside seats)

on another note, hope kobes fingers arent bad

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Gasol did amazing in is Laker's debut. 24 points, 12 boards, 4 assists, and 2 TO. Those are amazing stats for a player who jsut had 1 day of practice. Welcome home, Gasol! You definitely belong with us.

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I guess the Memphis situation, over the past couple of years, just wore him down and he didn't play with as much energy as he used to!

Looks like all he needed was a change of scenery to put up allstar numbers again!!! Way to go, hope he can keep it up

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I think he would have had 30 and 15 if he didn't get in foul trouble.

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